How To Play


Each player must have:

    • 50 card deck with a max power level of 240
    • 1 Challenger
    • The 3 Utility cards
      • 1 Quick movement
      • 1 Basic movement
      • Pass card
  1. Any square grid board, we recommend an 8x8 grid space (ex: chess board)
  2. A way to keep track of health.
  3. 20 Health for each Challenger (20-30min, 45min - 1hr for new players)
  4. You can add more health for a longer, more strategic, experience. Every 10 health adds about 15 min. For example, 30 health will last about 45 min - 1hr.
  5. A way to keep track of conditions; we recommend using tokens or a piece of paper.
  6. Each player must also have a token or figurine that has a clear facing direction. This represents your challenger on the board. (ex: the knight chess piece or a Warhammer figurine).
  7. Place figurines on the board in the 3rd space from the left and 3rd space from the bottom (see images below).


  1. Each player draws 7 cards from the draw pile + add the 3 utility cards to their hand (basic movement, quick movement, and pass). You should be holding 10 cards. *Maximum hand size is 7 cards (actions and reactions), utility cards do not count against hand size.
  2. Read and understand challenger abilities, resolve any pre-game ability requirements.
  3. Start the first turn.


Turns are played simultaneously. Each player plays 1 card facedown. Once all players have played a card then everyone flips their cards over revealing the card they have played. Cards are resolved by power level (the red number in the bottom left of the card). At any time during a turn players may play a reaction card. Players may play 1 action card facedown and 1 reaction card per turn. 

STEP 1: Play a card facedown, you may play ANY card as an action. *Reactions can be played as an action; this means you could play two reactions in a single turn if one is played face down as an action.

STEP 2: Once all players have played a card face down, the cards are flipped over and revealed.

STEP 3: Resolve all actions in the order of power level. The highest power level resolves first then in descending order. Don’t forget you can play 1 reaction during this time. This allows you the opportunity to change the outcome of the actions being played or generate some utility for yourself. Reactions are resolved in the order they are played from the most recent, followed by the next most recent card until all reactions have been resolved. *If there is a tie in power level, roll a dice, the highest number goes first.

STEP 4: Once all cards have been resolved, put all played cards into the discard pile.

STEP 5: Change facing direction - At the end of each turn, you may reposition your challenger’s facing direction. This is done in the same order the cards resolved in this turn. So, if you played the highest power level card you change your facing direction first. You may also decide to keep your current facing position.

STEP 6: Upkeep. Put all played cards into their respective discard piles, resolve conditional effects, and resolve any challenger abilities.

STEP 7: One upkeep is over, and everyone has changed their facing direction, the turn ends. Repeat this process until there is only 1 challenger remaining.

** How do I draw cards!? You must play the “PASS” card for your turn in order to draw cards.