About Us


Who is For Fun Games, LLC?

Trial by Combat is the first game produced by For Fun Games, LLC. This game originated as a thought exercise in a business creation class. After play testing it with friends and family we decided the game needed to be released for all to enjoy.

The company is a veteran-owned and operated small business that strives to create a robust and friendly game community. We organized early 2022 and look forward to many years of bringing joy to our customers.


Meet the People who Make the Game a Reality

Owner/Head Developer- Christopher Caywood

Christopher Caywood is an Army Veteran who is currently attending Syracuse University pursuing a BS in Information and Technology with a minor in business creation and development. He created the initial concept of Trial by Combat during some creative exercises while attending Syracuse University. Christopher decided the idea was so fun that he wanted to bring it to the public.

-“I want an affordable game that is accessible to everyone. I am committed to my company, the game, the players, and the artists to ensure this game is the most fun it can possibly be at an affordable price.

Please join me in bringing this game to life. Your support is what will make or break this idea, my hope is we can create something together and enjoy the game for a long time.”


Developer- Joshua Caywood

Joshua is an Army veteran who has a bachelor’s degree in military history and runs his own business teaching survival and defense skills. When his twin brother Chris demonstrated his game concept in the earliest stage he knew this was something special and had to get involved. Working on Trial by Combat has been a labor of love to which he dedicates far more time than he probably should. He loves all kinds of games from traditional board games to computer games, and a little bit of everything in between. He particularly enjoys role playing games and brain teaser puzzles. This love of games is what attracted him to For Fun Games and a desire to see Trial by Combat become a reality.

-“Trial by Combat is a GREAT game! Want to play?”


Our Artists 

            Lastly, we have to give another shout-out to our amazing artists. The artists are an integral part of our creation process. Please check out the Artist Page to learn more about them and show them some love!