What is this game?

This a tactical card game that pits opponents against each other. By balancing stamina and focus resources challengers can play various card abilities in an effort to reduce their opponent's health to zero. If you are unsure about the game we recommend giving the Print-and-Play (PnP) a try, it’s only $5. You can also check out some play sessions on the Discord or on our Twitch Channel. Good luck, and may the best challenger win!

Can I help you beta test? 

Yes! We would love for you to help us beta test the game. We have a beta test group, called the "Challengers Club" through our Discord. The Challengers Club allows you to directly assist us with beta testing now and in the future. It will also provide exclusive sneak peeks, giveaways, tournaments, and much more! Help the game and yourself by becoming a member of the Challengers Club!

Why don't you have card rarity?

We believe the game should be equally available to all and that player skill is more important than the ability to acquire rare cards. 

How do you plan on releasing content monthly?

When the game has been fully released a monthly subscription will be available. Signing up for the monthly subscription will ensure you always get the newest material. Subscribers receive new challenger decks upon release, new alternate artwork upon release, and much more. A scheduled rotation allows us to release content every month and ensures a subscriber receives their monthly value. For more information please head to the subscription page. 

Is there any chance for a secondary market?

While base cards will not have rarity, alternate artwork will be done in limited runs. Those alternate pieces of art will provide ample opportunity to sell cards on a secondary market. If you want to ensure you receive the alternate artwork we recommend you sign up for a monthly subscription.

How do you play the game?

Please check out the How to Play page for more information.